Look I don’t know about your shower but there are a lot of bottles in ours. I’m going to run up and check right now…. yeah 6 bottles in our shower, plus my wife’s razor. I only use two of those bottles, I’m not sure what the other bottles contain or are for. Anyway, they’re stacked in every corner plus two on the hand rail just waiting to fall on your toe.

We the solution is:The Utility Shower Curtain. Instead of taking up precious space in your small shower, this curtain features built-in storage components. On the inside you’ll find four large self-draining pockets, capable of storing eight regular-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles and two loops (one large and one small) to accommodate various sizes of toothbrushes and razors. For added convenience (and those of us without a nearby towel rack) the outside of the curtain is fitted with towel loops at each edge – WHAT!? YES!!

The Utility Shower Curtain is made from 200 Denier 100% Oxford Nylon. Machine Washable and Water Repellent, the curtain can be tucked into a bathtub while showering and occasionally thrown into the washing machine, making mildew laden plastic liners completely unnecessary.

Want, want, want. Made in the USA>

$40 at the WinterCheck Factory