Spike Your Juice

Make your own alcoholic beverage with the new DIY cocktail mix, Spike Your Juice! Spike You Juice is a new mix that produces a refreshing and bubbly alcoholic beverage.

In just three simple steps you can create your own alcoholic drink from almost any type of juice (excluding orange juice)! A travel-sized box of Spike Your Juice comes with six packets of the fermenting special mixture and a reusable rubber stopper/airlock.

How to Do it:
1. Pour the packet into 64 ounces of juice and seal with the special airlock and rubbor stopper included in the kit.
2. In 48 hours your juice will become an alcoholic delight. The longer it ferments the more potent it becomes with alcoholic content reaching up to 14%.
3. When your acquired taste is reached, close the bottle with the rubber stopper and refrigerate!
4 -Enjoy your drinks!

Amazingly once your Spike Juice cocktail is finished, it can last up to several weeks!

NOTE: Once fermenting is completed, the enclosed rubber stopper must be applied, otherwise the bottle will burst.

More Information and Ordering Online at – SpikeYourJuice.com