Levitron Levitating Lamp

The one-of-a-kind LED Levitron Levitating Lamp is a truly unique addition to any room and is sure to leave a lasting impression upon all guests.

The Levitron Lamp pits gravity against magnetism which allows the lamp shade to magically levitate more than 3 centimeters above its base. Around the rim of the lamp shade base are 6 high intensity LEDs with a cool white light output. The Levitron Lamp is 20.5-Inch tall and the lamp shade base is 11.5-Inch in diameter making it a great fit on any desk or table. It is powered by a low voltage adapter (included) with an input of 110v/220v and an output of 15 VDC.

This lamp will act as a piece of functional art where ever displayed with its mesmerizing futuristic design and energy efficient accent lighting.

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