led light up teddy bear

“This super soft pillow pet will light up your life! Who can resist the charm of a sweet teddy bear combined with the beauty of softly glowing LED lights? This adorable plush pillow has the prettiest LED lights inside that offer up a reassuring glow in red, blue, green, yellow and white. The glow pillow not only looks great as part of your room decor, it feels great, too! With an extremely soft 50/50 blend of cotton and cashmere, this is one cuddly teddy bear pillow! Looking for a gift for that someone special? This gorgeous glow pet is the perfect solution! Its LED lights burn brightly, but never get hot. In fact, you can cuddle the friendly bear all you like and never even feel the lights inside! This sweet teddy bear is perfect for all ages and is a great gift to show that you care! Ready to travel with you, make nap times easier or bedtimes brighter, this teddy wants to be adored!”

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