I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers

Every driver has found themselves in this scenario on one occasion or another: You’re driving through a busy parking lot trying to find a spot when you encounter a car that has been parked dab smack in the middle of two spots by some asshole who either does not know what those lines mean, or more likely doesn’t care about anyone else in the lot. You may find yourself contemplating keying their doors or slashing their tires in retaliation, but rather than risk being charged with vandalism, perhaps opt to place one of these fantastic stickers on their bumper to remind them to do better next time! The “I Park Like an Idiot” bumper stickers are the most satisfying way to punish a bad parker. They’re not super sticky, so the offender should have no problem removing them after having thinking long and hard about their vehicle placement tactics. They come in sets 20, 40, and 100, because unfortunately there are far too many culprits in need of reprimanding.

Get it from Threadless – $10-$30